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Caring for Tomorrow

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Sustainable Practices

Caring for the planet is good for our communities, companies and for future generations. McLemore utilizes sustainable practices that reduce impact on the environment, decrease waste, as well as using certified environmentally-friendly products wherever possible. Our processes, products and equipment help to increase efficiencies while improving the quality and sustainability of the facility environment.


McLemore’s program meets LEED EQ 108: Green Cleaning Policy requirements.


2.5 million
Number of plastic bottles Americans throw away every hour.
Number of U.S. states that are anticipating water shortages in some portion of their state under average conditions in the next 10 years.
Energy savings potential by moving to a Day Cleaning Program

Migrating to a Green Cleaning Program
Important elements to consider

  1. Change your current cleaning products to green certified products
  2. Purchase products with 100% recyclable packaging
  3. Introduce low impact equipment and supplies
  4. Include a microfiber program to reduce cross-contamination
  1. Implement green cleaning standard operating procedures
  2. Utilize LEED/EPA compliant consumables
  3. Promote a healthy environment and educate, educate, educate

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