Did You Know?

Biodegrading in a landfill takes:
• 90 years for an aluminum can
• 700 years for a plastic bottle
• 1 million years for a glass bottle

LEED and Sustainability

LEED is an internationally recognized green building certification system.  LEED certification of buildings has become an appropriate goal of organizations that consider the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ focusing on Social Responsibility, Preserving the Environment and Economic Benefits as part of their corporate objectives.

Benefits Include:

  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Higher Occupancy Rates
  • Increased Building Values
  • Higher Lease Prices
  • Encouragement of Integrated Design
  • Improved Public Relations

Areas where the McLemore team can help with LEED certification:

  • High-Performance Green Cleaning Policy
  • Green Standard Operating Procedures
  • Green Seal Certified Cleaning Products
  • Paper Products & Liners (EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines)
  • Hand-Hygiene Program
  • CRI Green-Label Equipment and Maintenance Logs
  • Staff Training
  • Cleaning Audits
  • Waste Audit/Recycling


For more information on putting together your LEED program, contact Dave Prewitt, LEED Associate.