The total cost of employee absences average 36% of base payroll (Mercer 2010).

Prevention Management is Key!

Restrict the spread of a flu virus by implementing infection-control measures. Preventing pandemic influenza requires the same techniques as preventing seasonal influenza, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Preventing infection includes disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, preventing cross-contamination, and promoting proper handwashing.

In order for surfaces to be considered disinfected, 95% of harmful substances must be removed and or killed. Wiping contaminated surfaces with a disinfectant effective against Type A influenza viruses should kill the more virulent of viruses, according to the World Health Organization.

For high traffic areas with frequently touched surfaces, McLemore utilizes Oxivir Tb Wipes.

What are Oxivir Tb Wipes?

In the USA, the first and only hydrogen peroxide wipes based on proprietary AHP (Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide) technology and fully approved by the EPA.

  • Kill MRSA and VRE in one minute
  • Disinfect hard surfaces in one minute
  • Kill Norovirus in one minute
  • Kill Tb in five minutes
  • Fungicidal in 10 minutes
  • Meets Bloodborne Pathogen standards including HIV, HBV & HCV in one minute
  • Can be used to pre-clean medical devices prior to sterilization