No safety know pain, know safety no pain.
 - Author Unknown (hope he didn't have to learn from this quote!)

Safety Saves.  Accidents Cost You.

Investing in the prevention of accidents and losses is the most responsible way to control costs for both our customers and our staff.  McLemore is proud of the safety programs we have established and they are an integral part of our daily operations.  A complement to our safety training programs are our incentive programs which positively reinforce our commitment to a safe environment. We have developed an aggressive and proactive approach to Risk Management and Safety.

Workplace Safety Elements that Drive Compliance:

  • Initial and Ongoing Safety Training Program
  • Incentive Based, Safety Audit Program
  • Goal-Driven Employee Safety Meetings
  • Employee Safety Incentive Programs
  • Confidential Safety Tips Line
  • Slip Meter Testing Program

McLemore is a multi-year winner of the BSCAI Safety Award!