Day Cleaning


Light Up the Savings with Day Cleaning!

Greener, customer-focused cleaning

Day cleaning is not typical night cleaning performed during the day. Imagine having a team of select day porters and a more concierge customer service approach for your cleaning program.


We can also help you meet environmental stewardship goals including reducing your environmental footprint as well as decreasing operating expenses through the implementation of a High Performance Day Cleaning program.


McLemore incorporates sustainable cleaning practices, tools, equipment and chemicals with the addition of specific customer service techniques and a customized cleaning approach developed specifically for a day time environment.

Direct and Indirect Benefits of Day Cleaning

For Facility Managers

  • Up to 8% energy savings
  • Decreased complaints
  • Environmental footprint reduction
  • Meets LEED requirements for green cleaning
  • Enhanced building security

For Occupants/Tenants

  • Proactive cleaning program
  • Improved customer service
  • Increased perception of cleanliness
  • Contribution to corporate social responsibility
  • Reduced security concerns

Trained & Certified

McLemore Building Maintenance has been trained and certified by Sealed Air/Diversey Care to successfully deliver a day cleaning program - green cleaning for green buildings during the day. We have attended a rigorous training program and our certified experts will assist you in accelerating the transformation to day cleaning!