Carpet extraction can be a tedious task to take on.

Foot traffic, spills, and other daily activities can take a heavy toll on commercial carpets. While vacuuming picks up loose dirt and debris, a deep clean removes all the gunk and grime that becomes embedded in your carpet over time. The only way to keep your carpet looking fresh throughout years of use is with consistent vacuuming and deep cleaning. McLemore will take this task on for you. We base our carpet extraction programs on the carpet type, the volume of foot traffic, and everyday wear and tear. This constant care helps keep your carpet looking newer longer, saving you the cost of replacing it more frequently. Instead of using solvents, petrochemicals, soaps, or detergents that may attract more dirt to your carpet, our carpet-cleaning process generates natural carbon dioxide bubbles that penetrate deep into the carpet fibers. We use the gentle power of natural oxygen, leaving your carpet clean, healthy, and dry in only two hours.  

Carpets are the most abused surfaces in a facility. Proper maintenance helps improve indoor air quality and extend carpet life. Our green cleaning processes reduce wear and tear, and our quick-dry system decreases downtime. 

Our training program for employees includes the following main points:  

  • Remove stains and chewing gum, extract all carpet, clean all baseboards, and move furniture and equipment as applicable in the designated cleaning areas.  
  • Carpets should smell clean, look raked, and not contain excessive water.  
  • Only hot water, steam cleaning carpet extraction machines are authorized for the carpet extraction process.  
  • The carpet bonnet cleaning technique is not allowed.  This method will often void carpet manufacturer warranties.