Day cleaning combines the best practices of green cleaning executed in the daytime hours.

There are many benefits to incorporating day cleaning into your facilities. It is simply the most sustainable approach to cleaning a building. We save energy during the day cleaning, primarily by reducing the need for lighting at night. This ultimately results in a reduction in harmful Greenhouse Gas emissions that are the suspected cause of global warming. 

Another benefit to day cleaning is keeping your building clean and sanitized during all operational hours. McLemore will ensure your restrooms and common areas stay clean for whoever visits during the day. There will always be staff on duty in an emergency cleaning situation, i.e., spills or broken glass. Day cleaning is not typical night cleaning performed during the day. Imagine having a team of special day porters and a more concierge customer service approach for your cleaning program.   

 We can also help you meet environmental stewardship goals, including reducing your ecological footprint and decreasing operating expenses, by implementing a High-Performance Day Cleaning program. We will work closely with your team to create a plan on how to execute our cleaning strategies daily. We will also track Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to ensure we are constantly improving and finding the right approach for you. 

 McLemore incorporates sustainable cleaning practices, tools, equipment, and chemicals with the addition of specific customer service techniques and a customized cleaning approach developed specifically for a daytime environment.  

Direct and Indirect Benefits of Day Cleaning  

For Facility Managers  

  • Up to 8% energy savings  
  • Decreased complaints  
  • Environmental footprint reduction  
  • Meets LEED requirements for green cleaning  
  • Enhanced building security  

For Occupants/Tenants  

  • Proactive cleaning program  
  • Improved customer service  
  • Increased perception of cleanliness  
  • Contribution to corporate social responsibility  
  • Reduced security concerns