McLemore adopted electrostatic spraying systems as part of our standard practices in response to customer’s needs in 2017.

The systems are electrostatic sprayers paired with trusted solutions. They provide superior coverage through airborne electrostatic technology, meaning the solution has a positive charge which clings and encapsulates hard-to-reach surfaces. Because of that charge, the solution will have an attraction of up to 75 times that of gravity. Employing this system regularly helps keep your facility sanitized. 

Even when COVID-19  is long gone, electrostatic disinfection will protect your schools from year-round and seasonal viruses, maximizing productivity in your schools by preventing disruption of standard operations and loss of attendance that communicable diseases cause.   

Here at McLemore, we are committed to taking care of your facilities as if they were our own. We take pride in how your facility looks and, most importantly, we care about the health and safety of you, your students, and your faculty.