Floorcare can easily be overlooked, especially when it comes to a hard floor strip, wax, and buff.

For one-time services or periodic floor care programs, our goal is to enhance safety, durability, and appearance. We are experts at caring for ceramic/porcelain tile, wood, VCT, rubber, marble, terrazzo, granite, and travertine surfaces.  

Your floors go through a lot with the dirt and water that gets tracked in and the inevitable spills. McLemore can help keep your floors in great shape with our hard floor strip, wax, and buff services. When we hard strip your floors, we remove all the dirt and old wax with one of our trusted floor scrubbers. Then we will wax them to help hide scratches and dents and protect the floors from stains. We finish it off with a buffing to further protect your floors and bring back their luster. 

McLemore Building Maintenance reviews some of the critical steps in the process: 

  1. Barrier off the work area with wet floor signs.
  2. Dust and then damp mop the floor using a good quality pH-neutral cleaner.
  3. Use a cleaning solution engineered explicitly for spray buffing. Sometimes cleaning professionals mix their own concoction. It’s always best to use a product expressly manufactured for this task.
  4. Start at the farthest end of the area and walk back towards the Exit.
  5. Always mist the spray over the equipment directly onto the floor. Realize that small amounts go a long way.
  6. Using a low-speed floor machine with a clean spray buffing pad, move the machine side-to-side over about a three-foot-wide surface area.