Restroom sanitizing is essential to the cleanliness of all buildings.

McLemore takes pride in cleaning every room as if it were their own, and restrooms are no exception. We’ve found that private label chemicals can often be mixed improperly, and the safety of our customers and communities is too important to take that risk. This is why McLemore uses Midlab brand chemicals. We can ensure your restrooms will be clean during all operational hours by using our day cleaning service.  

We have a foolproof system for our restroom sanitizing. Our color-coded cleaning system quickly identifies general cleaning supplies from restroom cleaning or streak-free surfaces like glass and windows. Using this type of system ensures each room is sanitized correctly. Cross-contamination prevention is one reason why we utilize a bucket-less mopping system with frequently changed and color-coded microfiber pads. Color-coding guarantees that all microfiber towels and mops used in the bathroom are only used in the bathroom. Eliminating the chance of using the same towels or mop heads in common areas that were previously used to clean the restrooms that can lead to unwanted odors throughout the building. 

In addition to our color-coded cleaning system, we provide procedure cards to all staff to act as a daily reminder for restroom sanitizing. All our team must go through training on restroom sanitizing during their new hire orientation. These procedure cards are a handy resource that will always be easily accessible if needed. Each unique area, such as restrooms, office spaces, kitchens, and breakrooms, has a proven service procedure to conform to McLemore’s color-coded microfiber system and best practices for using tools, chemicals, and equipment. McLemore provides wallcharts and reduced-size procedure cards at each site to ensure proper cleaning procedures. Posted Wall Charts in the custodial office and closets are daily reminders for the crew to carry out specific tasks. Teams carry the procedure cards on a ring.