Trash removal is essential to keep your facilities clean and your people safe.

Taking out your trash daily is just one of our promises to maintain the cleanliness of your building. We feel it is our responsibility, our mission, to provide a clean, safe, and continuously improving environment for ourselves and others. 

We know that your building can have many trash bins, and it can be easy to forget to take one out. Untreated waste can lead to rotting garbage, create a smell in your building that will release toxins that can be hazardous to anyone inhaling it, and cause various health issues to humans, including nausea. Untreated waste can also lead to unwanted pests in your building. Bugs and rats are attracted to the smell of rotting garbage and can quickly become an ongoing issue that will need to be treated frequently.  

Proper trash removal benefits not only your staff but also the environment. One example of improper trash removal is burning all garbage you come across. Burning waste is not helpful for the environment as it pollutes the air and contributes to the ongoing extreme climate changes. The trash emits greenhouse gases that then rise into the atmosphere. Intense storms, such as typhoons and sweltering temperatures, can result from this. 

Trash removal is not a glamorous task, so let McLemore do all the work for you! We will empty all trash bins daily and provide the trash bags we use to replace them. All trash will be placed in your dumpster or any designated location on your premises. Not worrying about this task will allow you to focus more on your company and its needs.