Upholstery cleaning is a crucial aspect to pay attention to keep your facilities clean.

Upholstered furniture can be one of the dirtiest places in your building as it is easily overlooked. Upholstery that goes a long time without being appropriately cleaned can harbor many bacteria, germs, and allergens. These fabrics can get dirty with dust, and from oils and residue your body naturally makes. Therefore, keeping up with upholstery cleaning is so important. It ensures your furniture is clean and healthy for you and all your staff. 

Have you considered how much dust, dirt, and grime build up over time on chairs, panel systems, and other upholstered furniture? Your employees will thank you for letting us help keep their workplace clean and healthy! Upholstery cleaning makes your furniture look better, and it helps it last longer. Neglecting the upkeep of your furniture can make it look and smell bad. McLemore has the right tools and experience to ensure your furniture looks great and lasts longer. 

Many companies don’t think about having to clean their furniture, which is why McLemore is here to do all the work. We will clean your furniture to make it look good as new and help its longevity. We use Midlab brand chemicals. We’ve found that private chemicals can often be mixed improperly, and the safety of our customers and communities is too important to take that risk. Along with using our trusted chemicals, we also use high-quality equipment to ensure efficient sanitation. All our staff is trained to use our equipment correctly, so we will not tear your furniture in the process. McLemore takes pride in everything they clean and cleans it as if it were their own.