Windows are one of the first things to get dirty; therefore, window washing is essential in our cleaning routine.

Many facilities devote time and energy to deep nighttime cleaning, but what about maintaining cleanliness and sanitizing between overnight maintenance? Our porter services can protect building occupants and ensure the proper public image during the day to maintain your space for customers, employees, and guests. 

Although window washing is an easy task, it can be challenging to know what cleaning solutions and tools to use to have streak-free and clear windows. Our window cleaners are highly trained and experienced, following all safety and operational procedures and protocols. They will remove the pollen, dust, and residue that settles on windows as seasons and weather patterns change. We also ensure the best results by testing all our cleaning supplies and using specialized window-cleaning equipment that filters out minerals or microminerals, effectively protecting your surfaces from scratches and discoloration. 

Partnering with McLemore for your window washing needs can benefit you in many ways. We will handle all the hard stuff, like climbing ladders and getting to the hard-to-reach areas. Our highly trained staff can get this task done quicker than if you complete it yourself. Our job is to focus on only cleaning, with no distractions. We will eliminate build-up and reach all the tiny crevices to reduce damage to your windows over time, extending the lifespan of your windows. Clean windows also make the appearance of your building more appealing. Clean windows bring in more sunlight, and your facility will be noticeably brighter. 

Whether it’s a one-story or high-rise building, we can help improve your view! Our team of trained professionals makes sure your windows are safely and correctly cleaned, enhancing the image of your facility.