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Specialized Healthcare Cleaning Services

Our team is a cut above the rest when it comes to janitorial services - from regular upkeep, to expertly implementing deep-cleaning and disinfection procedures in medical facilities.

Specialized Healthcare Cleaning Services

McLemore Building Maintenance is passionate about helping healthcare facilities create clean and safe spaces for staff, patients, and visitors. Our environmental services personnel are trained in a range of modern medical cleaning processes as well as the control of workplace hazards to protect against dangerous pathogens. We recognize that everyone deserves sanitary conditions free from cross-contamination - this mission guides our highly dedicated team when tackling any job at an acute care facility or hospital setting. With McLemore’s assistance customers can rest assured knowing their health center will look great while ensuring optimal safety standards!

From bustling urgent care centers to small, specialized clinics, healthcare providers rely on one thing: a clean environment where patients can feel safe and cared for. At McLemore Building Maintenance we take that worry away by providing the highest quality of professional cleaning services so these hardworking professionals can continue doing what they do best – looking after those in their charge.

"A patient's mother that comes to our peds office said she is so impressed that every time she comes into this facility it is always so clean and refreshing. She left me a note expressing her appreciation for a clean facility and to make sure I send it to the appropriate person. Great job!! Kudos to your team! "

Practice Manager
Urgent Care Facility

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Safety Focused

Safety is our top priority. Our protocols and procedures are in compliance with OSHA regulations. We strive to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries. Encouraging employees to use equipment and work with their head instead of their back is one way we accomplish this goal.

Experienced & Reliable

At McLemore, we understand that healthcare customers require a service provider who can meet their specific needs. With our decades of experience in the business since 1970, you can trust us to deliver the level of service and expertise you need.

Quality & Consistency

McLemore conducts baseline inspections to gauge where we start and create an improvement plan and monthly quality inspections to see our progress. Tracking Quality and Safety KPIs help us on our mission to be continuously improving.

Communication & Transparency

Meeting for Quarterly Business Reviews ensures our goals are aligned. QBRs give us the opportunity to schedule the project work for the upcoming quarter, discuss any upcoming changes to scope or frequency, and gives you space to address any issues that arise.