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Industrial & Petro-Chem

Your facility can run around the clock, and you deserve a janitorial cleaning company that does the same.

McLemore cleans everything from the highest rafters to the concrete floors

At McLemore, we specialize in providing comprehensive cleaning services for industrial plants, logistics centers, and warehouses. We understand that maintaining a clean and safe environment is often overlooked in these facilities, but regular cleaning is just as important for businesses like yours as it is for offices or medical facilities. Our team is specially trained to handle the unique challenges that come with cleaning industrial and Petro-Chemical facilities and to minimize the risk of exposing employees to hazardous materials and toxins.

Our customizable cleaning plans are tailored to fit your schedule and operation hours, whether one shift or 24/7 operation, and we make sure to adhere to your safety standards. We offer a variety of specialized cleaning services, including concrete cleaning and power washing, sanitizing and disinfecting, food processing plant cleaning, manufacturing plant cleaning, and high dusting, among others.

Our team of professional janitorial experts are well-versed in unique industry regulations, and we make sure to conduct thorough inspections and quality control checks to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness are met. We offer both day and night cleaning services, and we're available for emergency cleaning or post-project cleanups. We understand the importance of compliance and safety, and we'll work with you to develop a cleaning plan that meets your unique needs.

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"Even during these uncertain times, you have managed to provide outstanding service. Your ability to immediately respond to messages or calls regarding concerns or questions has showcased your company’s dependability. This performance has surpassed the quality of work we have experienced in the past. Because of the quality standards your team has established, we feel very secure and fortunate to have you working with us. "

Region Facility Manager
Offshore Oilfield Maintenance Service Provider

Safety Focused

Safety is our top priority, and we have the record to prove it. Our TRIR is 0.5 while the industry average is 2.31. Our safety protocols and procedures are in compliance with OSHA regulations, and we strive to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace.

Experienced & Reliable

At McLemore, we understand that industrial customers require a service provider who can meet their specific needs. With our decades of experience in the business since 1970, you can trust us to deliver the level of service and expertise you need.

Quality & Consistency

McLemore conducts baseline inspections to gauge where we start and create an improvement plan and monthly quality inspections to see our progress. Tracking Quality and Safety KPIs help us on our mission to be continuously improving.

Communication & Transparency

Meeting for Quarterly Business Reviews ensures our goals are aligned. QBRs give us the opportunity to schedule the project work for the upcoming quarter, discuss any upcoming changes to scope or frequency, and gives you space to address any issues that arise.