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Locations We Serve

Proudly Serving our Customers for Over Fifty Years

Headquarter in Houston, TX, with locations in 24 states, McLemore is the go-to provider of facility services for businesses throughout much of the Southern US. As a family business with well-trained staff members, we stand out from other companies by delivering top quality janitorial and disinfecting services that consistently exceed expectations.

We're currently partnered with businesses in the below states. However, we're always looking for opportunities to expand, give us a call to explore the possibility.


- Arizona - Oklahoma
- Utah - Texas
- Colorado - Louisiana
- Nebraska - Arkansas
- Kansas - Missouri
- Minnesota - Michigan
- Indiana - Kentucky
- Tennessee - Alabama
- Georgia - Florida
- South Carolina - North Carolina
- Virginia - West Virginia
- New Jersey - Maryland


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Others Cut Corners, We Clean Them

Discover why McLemore is the leading commercial cleaning service in your area! Whether we already serve your city or not, give us a call and find out how our special brand of cleanliness can bring value to your building. Our team is always open to new opportunities for expansion - contact us today and unlock the power of professional cleaning services!


Why choose McLemore as your custodial services provider?

Below are a few of the most noted points from our customers about why they turn to McLemore. 

  • Attention to detail - In a sea of unreliable companies who are more than happy to cut corners and leave you with an incomplete job––or worse yet don't show up at all! ––McLemore is dependable cleanliness that keeps your business safe from risk. When it comes ensuring quality results every time, there's no competition: trust the professionals―trust McLemore!
  • No 1099 or contract employees - At McLemore, our success in the commercial cleaning industry lies with our employees - professionals who receive top-notch training and have access to cutting edge equipment. We understand they are at the heart of what we do; that's why we ensure every single one is treated fairly, respected highly and given appreciation for their hard work. Additionally, our people are fully insured including workers compensation policies. 
  • Communication & Transparency - Time is of the essence when a commercial cleaning issue arises. We understand that and take our responsibilities seriously to deliver solutions swiftly - no hesitation or delay! When you need us most, we are there in an instant; resolving even the toughest challenges with expertise and precision before another day passes by.
  • Fixed monthly budget - With our comprehensive cleaning plan, you can rest easy knowing that all of your needs are taken care of. Changes in expenses, employee turnover and having to hunt down all the necessary supplies are a thing of the past; we'll take care of everything so that you don't have to worry! 
  • Eliminating time spent on turnover and staffing issues - With the never-ending cycle of recruiting, hiring and onboarding for cleaning staff in this unpredictable job market, it's essential to have reliable and efficient help. McLemore provides your business with trustworthy personnel who are already fully prequalified - meaning you can spend more time focusing on improving other aspects of your operations instead of constantly replacing custodians!