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Manufacturing Distribution

When you work with McLemore, you get personalized attention and high-quality industrial cleaning services.

Customized Manufacturing & Distribution Cleaning Services

Large manufacturing & distribution facilities have a lot of moving parts and electronics. Don’t let dirt, dust, or debris slow you down. Instead, turn to a cleaning company that can support your facility’s needs. Over the past 50 years, the McLemore team has mastered a wide range of janitorial and support services.

We understand that manufacturing and distribution environments require top-notch safety standards to ensure the quality of products and services. Our janitorial team is committed to providing a clean and safe workspace for our customers in the manufacturing and distribution industries. We use professional-grade cleaning products specifically formulated for industrial settings, industry leading training technology, new equipment for every partnership, and understand the demands of a 24/7 schedule. Our team of experienced professionals will keep your manufacturing or distribution space clean and safe, while providing a high level of quality assurance. We are committed to making sure that all cleaning tasks are completed in accordance with the highest safety standards and regulations. Our custodial services provide the perfect balance between affordability and efficiency, so you can rest assured that your facility is both clean and in budget.

"I wanted to take this time to send our thanks to your team, especially your floor care technicians. They have taken floor maintenance to a new level, and it is really getting noticed! Thank you for making our facility shine, literally!"

Regional Facilities & Operations
Nationwide Retailer - Distribution Division

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Safety Focused

Safety is our top priority. Our protocols and procedures are in compliance with OSHA regulations. We strive to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries. Encouraging employees to use equipment and work with their head instead of their back is one way we accomplish this goal.

Experienced & Reliable

At McLemore, we understand that industrial customers require a service provider who can meet their specific needs. With our decades of experience in the business since 1970, you can trust us to deliver the level of service and expertise you need.

Quality & Consistency

McLemore conducts baseline inspections to gauge where we start and create an improvement plan and monthly quality inspections to see our progress. Tracking Quality and Safety KPIs help us on our mission to be continuously improving.

Communication & Transparency

Meeting for Quarterly Business Reviews ensures our goals are aligned. QBRs give us the opportunity to schedule the project work for the upcoming quarter, discuss any upcoming changes to scope or frequency, and gives you space to address any issues that arise.